[ ⚡️ ] 'Mstronaut' Extras
[ ⚡️ ] 'Mstronaut' Extras
[ ⚡️ ] 'Mstronaut' Extras

Matrix lab

[ ⚡️ ] 'Mstronaut' Extras

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Limit to one per buyer.

The Mstronaut badge is made in multiple pieces.

Color options:
As you can see in the structure pic.
  • Red part: Random
  • Blue part: Gold only and Each one comes with an extra 'mask' in deep blue
  • Green: Random
  • Black: White flash/ Nebula/ Sparkling deep grey

Compatible with 2.0add/ Vita/ Falcon/ 2.0 add Cp pad/ 2.0 add Xmas/ IM+/ ME/ IM+ Meta etc.

Available units

  • White flash: 11
  • Nebula: 5

The item includes one badge and one extra 'mask' (in deep blue color)