[ ⚡️ ] 6XV 3.0 Corsa - Extras

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[ ⚡️ ] 6XV 3.0 Corsa - Extras

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Each order will be limited to 1 keyboard and 2 solder packs.

Link to the solder pack: link

Shipping out within 5 days.

  • Screwless;
  • Catch ball structure, easy to open the top case.
  • Bottom mount;
  • Only offer Hot-swap PCB. Vial are supported.
  • A new screen with a bigger size and higher resolution.
  • The middleweight on the back can be exchanged for 3 badges.
  • Some accent pieces use a two-tone PVD process.

For more information and color samples, please read the introduction document: 6XV 3.0 Corsa